"Design not only means beauty, well formed for use, but it also means something created by people to fit their needs.  Education by design is  a form of education  that fits all students' needs." 

Nienke Adamse

This website is a showcase of what I, as a teacher, know and what I am able to do. Each page reflects one of the five core propositions, which form the foundation and the frame of the knowledge, skills, dispositions and beliefs that characterize National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs).

On this page my resume has been added which contains information about my education, my work experiences and my references.

Attached documents:

Teaching philosophy:
My personal view on education in general and my teaching practices

Commitment to my students and their learning:
•    I am dedicated to make knowledge accessible for all students and I believe that          ALL students can learn.
•    I treat my students equitably, which means that my students all receive what they      need based on their individual differences. I distinguish my students from one              another and I take account for these differences in my practice.
•    I understand how my students develop and learn.
•    I respect the cultural, gender and family differences my students bring to my              classroom.
•    I am concerned with my students’ self-concept, their motivation and the effects of      learning on peer relationships.
•    I am concerned with the development of character and civic responsibility

Attached documents:
1-Picture album of students’ work
2-Lesson plan inclusion
3-Teaching and Learning in Inclusion Setting
4-Case Study

5-Sample lesson plans

Knowledge of subject and teaching strategies:  
•    I have mastery over the subjects (2d and 3d Art and Technology Education) I              teach. I have a deep understanding of the history, structure and real-world                  applications of the subject.
•    I have skill and experience in teaching it, and I am familiar with the skills gaps and      preconceptions students may bring to the subject.
•    I am able to use diverse instructional strategies to teach for understanding

Attached documents:

1-    Motivation essay
2-    Goals and Curriculum
3-    Curriculum Intro course
4-    Curriculum Industrial Design
5-    Example of individual program
6-    Curriculum 7th/8th grade

Managing and monitoring student learning:
•    I deliver effective instruction. I can move fluently through a range of instructional           techniques, keeping students motivated, engaged and focused.
•    I know how to engage students to ensure a disciplined learning environment, and      how to organize instruction to meet instructional goals.
•    I know how to assess the progress of individual students as well as the class as a      whole.
•    I use multiple methods for measuring student growth and understanding, and I can      clearly explain student performance to parents.

Attached documents:
1-    Daily Log
2-    Evaluation Industrial Design
3-    Assignment 7/8 grade
4-    Evidence of Learning
5-    Expectation Contract
6-    Classroom safety rules

Professional commitment:
•    I model what it means to be an educated person, I read, I question, I create and I      am willing to try new things.
•    I am familiar with learning theories and instructional strategies and I stay abreast      of current issues in American education.
•    I critically examine my practice on a regular basis to deepen my knowledge,              expand my repertoire of skills and incorporate new findings into my practice.

Attached documents:

1-     Reflective Summary

2-    Action Research
3-    Differentiation, Power Point Presentation

Being a member of a learning community and partnerships:
•    I collaborate with others to improve student learning.
•    I am a leader and I actively seek and build partnerships with community groups          and businesses.
•    I work with other professionals on instructional policy, curriculum development and      staff development.
•    I can evaluate school progress and the allocation of resources in order to meet          state and local education objectives.
•    I know how to work collaboratively with parents to engage them productively in the      work of the school.

Attached documents:
1-    Newspaper article Hut Building Summer Camp
1-    Picture album hut building
2-    PLC invitation letter

Instructional Leadership:

Workshops about instructional strategies:

  • Differentiated teaching
  • Motivational strategies
  • Cooperative learning and teaching strategies

Final reflection

Motivating students and adults