To improve our students' achievements we - administrators, teachers, students, parents and community members- need to become leaders in the complicated learning process. The responsibility for educating our children needs to be shared by all in order to become successful. As a teacher, parent and community member I am aware of this responsibility and I strive to use my skills and knowledge in improving our students' education.
Together with some of my colleagues I started a PLC (Professional Learning Community) in our school district. We provided five workshops in instructional strategies. The goals of these workshops were to provide participants with information about a certain strategy and to give the participants the opportunity to create lesson plans and ideas to practice these strategies in their own work situation. The key to learning for the participants was the evaluation process in the workshop and the sharing of their process of implementation. The participants were supported by peer coaching and other forms of support from PLC members and other workshop participants.
The workshops we provided were:
  1. Differentiated teaching (3 sessions)
  2. Motivational strategies
  3. Cooperative learning and teaching strategies

Differentiation PPT

Motivation PPT

Cooperative Learning PPT

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